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A carrot soup with an artistic touch

From colours to flavours with a mixture of love and passion

"La carita de Dios" which means God's face is the perfect name to define Quito. One of that reason is his outstanding architecture, invaluable museums, incredible monuments and many many more. But if we talk about his people then it is necessary to mention the sublime value of the word kindness.

Diego is a multiple artist who gives with his love for his family also colours to his other passions as painting, coffee, beer, and cooking. Between stories and laughter, we were welcomed into his home, which we witnessed the birth of an eternal friendship.

Among aromas of roasted coffee we listened with delight to a talk about one of his

entrepreneurship. Cafe Sur is a brand of 100% Ecuadorian Arabic coffee produced in Pacto, Loja, Imbabura and others provinces of ecuador, roasted, ground and packed in Quito. It has an intense and exquisite aroma with a touch of nuanced sweet, which contains a moderate percentage of caffeine that makes it perfect to drink at any time of the day. Amazing taste and quality coffee is guaranteed!

After a tour of the city center and an incredible visit to the museum of Oswaldo Guayasamin (Ecuadorian painter) the sky was painted red, thus giving a magical sunset in the city of Quito. Suddenly we were again between laughter and stories with Diegos family. On this occasion Diego and his mother Susana delighted us with a delicious carrot soup, which recipe we want to share with all of you. His aunt Yolanda and his cousin Gabriela joined also the special occasion, who gave more flavor to the night with their occurrences. But the star of the evening was something else, we were waiting for. It couldn't miss a beer, but not just any beer. This time we tasted the delights of his second venture. Diego and one of his friends formed the beer brand "Cadi". It is a craft beer type golden ale, whose quality ingredients in its elaboration create an explosion of flavor on the palate.

Art from the middle of the planet is his motto on instagram where most of his work can be found. If you are looking to talk about art in Quito with a beer or a coffee, Diego will be delighted to spend time with you accompany some drinks or even bottles, because for art, time is relative - to quote Einstein.

The products and his art are already online and can be sent. But our recommendation is a meeting with Diego, the master himself. He is looking forward to tell you more in detail about his projects. But for sure and more important you will find a special new friend.

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Sopa de zanahoria
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