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A chicken soup flavored with Andean melodies

A delicious recipe with a long family tradition of singers.

Ecuador is a special place, good people, beautiful cities, good food and above all wonderful artists. This time we had the pleasure to meet a great singer, author, composer, and one of Pescao's (Andrés) favourite singers. Mariela Condo comes from the indigenous community Cacha-Puruhá in Chimborazo in the southern highlands of Ecuador. That is a big influence for the Andean music of the country and of course a big influence to other artists too. For example, for Pescao (Andrés): he worked up on a photo project with Marielas music while he walked through the streets from Milan in Italy, whose project marked the identity and development of his photography.

Mariela received us very happy and with a wonderful cocktail of Pajaro Azul (aniseed schnapps) and passion fruit. This is a secret and super tasty recipe, but we are certain, that Mariela will share it with great pleasure. Maybe the next time, we will come together. Between laughs, Mariela has told us her adventures in the world of music, her time in Paris where she met great love, until her incredible trip to Mexico. Banana (Ioanna) was happy to hear because she loves Mexico too. We had many stories more, about her lovely home in Quito, her live as an artist but also about new projects. She also told us that she loves her knife, which comes from Germany. Furthermore, it was time for another cocktail and the smell of this delicious soup was already in the air. A nice afternoon, we have talked about everything! Already a little tipsy, but the atmosphere could only get better. It was time to eat, the soup was ready and salsa did sound as a background. She was very excited to share this fabulous and her favourite recipe with you. So enjoy it!

Mariela has produced many albums and made videos with other great artists. If you visit her web page, you will be surprised by her poesy, photography and many other things. Mariela is like a book, while you read more, it gets more and more interesting. You can hear her music too and be inspired by the wonderful voice.

We are truly happy about that special day as well our new friendship. Hopefully, we can meet us soon. Thank you very much, dear Mariela.

Versión en español:

Caldo de Pollo
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