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A cretan Dako with an endless family tradition

A small but delicious recipe from the heart of Thessaloniki

While you are in Greece, you can find out why the gods were born there. "Food, food and more delicious food". While looking for new flavours we got to know Alexandra, who runs a family and very traditional business on the historic "Kapani" food market.

Meditarrean Gold offers traditional Greek products, that are based on a long tradition and passion. Alexandra and her professional development, from archeologist and teacher to business owner. She can tell you the right archeological and mythological story for almost any product. In general it is a mix of both, where mythology is like salt to historical facts. She shared with us one of the oldest stories about the origin of the Cretan dako. A cereal rusks, that were durable and easy to take with you even in the early days. This can be combined and enjoyed with different ingredients. Depending on the personal preferences and possibilities. So nothing changed between past and present, as you can add whatever you like. But for sure, Alexandra gave us the classic recipe.

The products she offers in here store, can be delivered worldwide and if you are in Thessaloniki it is recommended to visit Alexandra on the market. She will definitely look forward, to making new friends and tell you some interesting stories.

If it is not possible to run directly to the market, you will find more information here. #Food #Travel #Greece #Thessaloniki

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